Wednesday, August 22, 2007

August 21

August 20

Out for a walk with my Mama and Da--and yes, it was that cold today.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

August 19

Success on the potty!

August 18

My awesome new purse and earrings

August 17

Lamb's Farm: trying to get this kitty to play with me

August 16

I stole Da's ice cream cone!

August 15

Working the stroller

August 14

Posing in my new favorite boots from my cousin Mary

August 13

Working with my tools

August 12

Da put me in the box!

August 11

Adventures at the park

August 10

Mama taking a self portrait of us

August 9

Going to Chipotle in the wagon

August 8

Showing Ginger my cell phone and playing ball

August 7

Being silly in the cat bed

August 6

Riding my rocking horse and pulling weeds--or at least trying to.

August 5

Eating cheese

August 4

Working hard at Ikea

Thursday, August 16, 2007

August 3

Playing at Grace's house....

....and waiting for Mama and Da at the Sprint store

August 2

Watching Da go off at work

August 1

Playing with my hat and bag--both picked out by me, of course!

July 31

With Tony and Heidi on Mama and Da's anniversary

July 30

Wearing butterfly wings

July 29

Olivia sorting

July 28

July 27

Playing with the hose with Mary

July 26

Truck riding with Teddy

July 25

Swinging with my Da...I'm also being silly with a hat.

July 24

Reading with Big Mom

July 23

Sleeping with my bag. Don't try to take it.

July 22

On the porch scaring my Mom

July 21


July 20

My Lenny hair (as in Lenny from The Simpsons)

July 19

July 18

At the spray park

July 17

Enjoying a fun time with Lauren and Auntie Regina