Friday, February 27, 2009

February 20

Here I am on the train, getting the ticket money ready for Baby Anderson and me.

February 19

Now you see me.....

Now you don't!!!!

February 18

Wearing my coat....or is it Lauren's

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

February 17

So today I painted with my new, 'mess-free' paints

Note the glee in my voice!
Also, that I am painting the table, not the paper!!!!

February 16

TBA...picture coming later

February 15

Wrapped up like a burrito for a walk in the cold....

February 14

Happy V-day from the Museum of Science and Industry....well HI there!

February 13

Getting a ride in Mom's grocery cart with Regina!

Here we are in motion:

February 12


As you know, I wore my dancing boots since you wore the dancing shoes!



February 11

Here I am walking around at the Old Orchard mall play area with Mommy and Big Mom

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

February 10

It was so warm today (63 degrees!) that Mama and I made an unscheduled trip to the zoo.

Curious George and I rode the big hippo sculpture together,

But I went on the baby myself!

February 9

Today I carried a random collection of things around my house....

how very silly of me!

February 8

Today was a nice day for a major change, so I got to play outside!

I rode my tricycle with my sticks

But I used my helmet for my big bike

What does that sign say?

Later on I went to the library with Teddy...

We played trains together very nicely and had a lot of fun!

February 7

Today Daddy and I went to the Museum of Science and Industry and played...

and played...

and played!!

Saturday, February 07, 2009

February 6

Eating pasta with my baby at Mom's house

Mommy tried to drink my baby's cup and I yelled at her!
(I almost got a time out.)

February 5

Happy Birthday Uncle James!!!!!
We miss you! Joe and Aunt Amy too!!!

February 4

Sleeping in the car....
okay, not the best picture, but it's the only one Mama could get of me today!

February 3

With Chucho watching the Puppy Bowl

Later on I ate some berries at Mom's house

February 2

Eating a pancake roll and contemplating my chili beads

February 1

Chilling with Teddy and our pandas

Hey, get off my panda!

January 31

Lots of videos today....I discovered "the dancing shoes."

Taking my bow

I also got a hug from my cousin Teddy!

January 30

Today we made a tent with Teddy, Baca, and Chucho....
but we did NOT sleep in it!

January 29

Today I visited Big Mom in the hospital to make her feel better!

I also finally got a doggie.....I named it Chucho (after the real Chucho/Angel in Tucson)

Mama just thought this was a funny sign...everything in the hospital was named "Footlik"

January 28

And here I am cuddling with my Da...

It was teh day of Big Mom's surgery and my last day of school

January 27

Just being silly with my Da!

January 26

I was at Teme's house, wearing my Cookie Monster shirt.

January 25

Heading out with my baby!