Thursday, March 26, 2009

March 26

Happy Birthday to Grace!!!!!!!!

I wish I could celebrate with you today....

instead, I am so silly with Baca's hat!

March 25


I always say that Brody is 'my sister,' which makes Mama smile!

I wore my party dress to the party

Here are the birthday boy and girl!

March 24

Just playing a little piano before heading out to music class!

March 23

Today, Mama and I went outside to ride my bike around the BIG block

Before it started raining, we saw some crocuses, some snowdrops,
and a really chubby squirrel in our yard.

March 22

I also like to play 'Curious George' with Da....when he lets me!

March 21

Being totally silly with my Da on a Saturday afternoon
(he made the costume!)

March 20


Hey let's go, hey let's go, I'm happy as can be!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

March 19

Today I helped Mommy AND I played Kiki's Delivery Service at the same time

March 18

Check out my awesome supercool tower!

March 17

I wore my 'princess dress' because it was 73 degrees outside today. Yay!!!

I also did my silly dance for Mommy and Daddy right before bed!

March 16

No pictures today!!!!

I said NO!!!!!

March 15

Playing at the park just before Regina had to go back to Arizona (boo!)

March 14

This is the way we tap the wall....

tap the wall, tap the wall....

March 13

Another San Francisco picture.....Tammy by the redwood
Isn't it amazing!

March 12

We don't have one of me, so here's one of Mommy in San Francisco!

March 11

I love my wonderful scarf.....

don't you, darrrrling?'s toilet paper!!!!

March 10

Leaning in my chair

March 9

Check out my awesome mess!

March 8

I made these cuppycakes with Mommy today!

March 7

Here I am practicing my Rock Band with Cheryl at RandyCon

March 6

Swinging with my Daddy!

March 5

Here I am in my doggie PJs!

March 4


say cheese!!!

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

March 3

Always match your shoes to your handbag, dah-ling.
Also, FYI: we finally updated our 'main' blog. Check it out here.

Monday, March 02, 2009

March 2

Daddy combs my hair after my bath

And then I comb his....

I'm just a little sweetie-pie.

March 1

I've got mail!

Flowers, too.

February 28

Today while I was eating breakfast I asked for a pony just like Delaney's!

We also had the coolest thing happen....a hawk came to our yard four or five times this weekend. Mama is pretty sure he is a Cooper's Hawk.

Here s/he is on our garden cage:

And here s/he is in one of our trees from the front:

And from behind:

And unfortunately, here is the pile of bird feathers s/he left behind near the pine tree:
We think it might have been one of the pigeons or mourning doves that occasionally show up. Mama was a little upset, but realizes that it is the cycle of life and she was mostly just worried that she had created an artificial picking ground by feeding the squirrels, who actually were able to quite ably defend themselves.

Plus she just can't resist their cute little chubby faces, hawks be darned!

February 27

Today I went to see the Wizard of Oz again!

It was fabulous....and I keep singing the lines, "Come out, come out wherever you are"

Here I am with Brody and Delaney

And I even got to take a picture with Dorothy!

February 26

Baby Mozart 1......

........And 2....lots of 2, FYI, lots of 2!

I'm singing along to "Over the Rainbow" from The Wizard of Oz,
as I saw the play today at my friend Delaney's school!

February 25

I like baby bagel pizzas for lunch!

February 22

Green Zebra dress!See, unlike most kids, I don't really have a favorite color (okay, maybe red...or yellow...or purple) but I do have favorite patterns.....polka dots is my absolute #1, and zebra (aka stripes to the rest of the world) is a very close second!

February 24

And how are you today?

February 23

Not rocking the baby!

.....I refused to sing my lullaby on camera

February 21

I like costumes so much that I wore two today!
(but I still refused to look at the camera!)