Friday, July 31, 2009

July 31

Just laying around wearing my bathing suit (what else?)* and watching The Three Stooges
*this bathing suit is all I want to wear....all day, every day

July 30

Today I got to meet Dr. Seuss* for real at a going away party for him!
Mama used to work for him and her friend Debbie still does.

I also got to meet Mrs. Seuss....she works at the library!

*From Catherine: Olivia really does believe that she met Dr. Seuss when she saw Dr. Sener, who, I should note, she has met before. She also thought that there would be dancing girls at his party, which was held at Evanston Hospital, which also happens to be where she was born. She keeps reminding me, a day later, that she still has to see those girls! I honestly have no idea where she came up with these ideas, but I do find them quite charming and amusing.

I also want to wish Dr. and Mrs. Sener and Debbie all very well. You are all in my heart and remain my good friends. To paraphrase you and Margaret Mead: Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has. Don't take any chin-boogie in your new positions!

July 29

Silly-cat slider!

July 28

Today both Mommy and Daddy were sick and
I snuck out my froggie swim toy!

July 27

Sitting under the tree with Baby Jason and her new blanket

Thank you Rich for the baby blanket!

July 26


July 25

Tonight we went to see "Beauty and the Beast" (the stage play) at Gillson Park in Wilmette

These pictures were taken at intermission right before we went home
because I was tired and it was really late for me....

Mama and I think they are Teddy's interpretation of either Gaston or the Beast

Shortly thereafter, Teddy climbed in his mommy's car through the windows
(how, I'm not entirely sure) and said he was driving away too

All in all, it was a very fun night!!!

July 24

I went back to the park for a picnic with Brody
(wearing my bathing suit that 'flies' of course!)

July 23

I wasn't feeling too well today....
Mama ended up taking me to the doctor but I'm ok

July 22

This is how I play with my train table....I am really silly sometimes!

July 21

Today I played with Brody at the park!

Monday, July 20, 2009

July 20

Today I decided to mow the lawn.

In Mommy's sun hat!

July 19

Here I am playing "scary bear" with my best friend Brody.
It's where we hide by the couches and pretend there's a bear on the other side...
we are so silly!

July 18

Here are some still shots from my cousin Sophia's production of Annie,
which was just wonderful!

The one shot Mama got of Sophia (as Annie) on stage....
before my Daddy reminded her that flash photography was not allowed

Our star afterward....isn't she just lovely!

Me and my cousins!

Another picture....where I got silly!

Sophia's whole entourage!

Seriously, Sophia did a GREAT JOB, as evidenced by the videos below*!!!
Thanks for letting us come to your performance!!!!

Sophia's solo and the opening part of the show

more videos to come later.....darn blogger is too slow!!!
(also, sorry, but I kept hitting my Mommy's arm while she was filming so the video is a little jumpy.)

July 17

Today Teddy did magic tricks at Mom's house

Later on we went to The Grove together

Lauren and I took a nature walk

Boppy found a feather while I ate the lollipop Big Mom bought me in the giftshop

Being silly with my cousins!

July 16

On a ride!

July 15

Today, we had a bunny come to our garden to eat the weeds. Go bunny go!

Tonight, Mama, Daddy, and I took a walk with my baby
to see the orange kitties down the street!

July 14

Here I am getting dressed (right before I put my necklace on!)

July 13

I like to make a big mess and hop around like a crazy-cat!

Also, bon voyage to JD and Tammy!!!!

July 12

Here I am with Debbie wearing my beautiful pink necklace that she made just for me!