Wednesday, December 31, 2008

December 31

I got a Christmas tree....on December 30.

And did I put it together???

Of course!!!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

December 30

Today I went to Brookfield Zoolights with Mom, Mommy, and Da!

Here I am on the carousel with Mom...I rode a panda!

And here I am with my Daddy....I first wanted a zebra,
then a snake, then I finally chose a brown bear, brown bear what do you see?

But I did find a fun zebra chair to sit in on the way out!

December 29

Just eating my (play) sushi

December 28

Sleeping in the car with my baby....
I made sure to bring a blanket so she wouldn't get cold

December 27

Here I am watching some TV after making a mess. Yay!

December 26

Not so happy about going out to run errands, though

December 25

Mommy and Daddy found this from Santa for me

December 24

Here I am with some of the wrapping paper from Christmas Wigilia....
we celebrate ours on Christmas Eve!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

December 23

Today I refused to take a picture while
I was playing with the toy Brody gave me....
But I did have a great time playing with it!

December 22

Playing with Brody, Delaney, and Melinda on our Christmas playdate!

December 21

All wrapped up before bed....

December 20

Cuddling with my Cuppycake
Yes, she lets me!

December 19

Here I am with Daddy after my bath

Thursday, December 18, 2008

December 18

Just working on my holiday cards!

December 17

Today I got to try my Christmas tree ice cream.


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

December 16

Today I wanted to wear a red zebra outfit to school....only I didn't go because it was a snow day!

December 15

I had not seen my friend Brody in several weeks due to Chicken pox, the flu, Thanksgiving.
So today, we went on a 3 hour playdate. Yes, three hours.

For half an hour or so, we did this. Maybe it was for about 45 minutes.
This, of course, did not include the time that we spent dancing to his Christmas Bear, which is this awesome toy that plays Shake Your Booty (about another half hour or so).

Brody and I had such a blast! Mommy had to pry me out of there.

Here is a still shot.

December 14

Working on my counterfeit-spotting skills.

December 13

Watching the holiday trains at the Morton Arboretum

December 12

Today I tried to wear Lauren's coat instead of mine! (We do have the same one, after all)...but hers comes down to the floor on me. What a silly cat I can be sometimes!

December 11

Today I actually let Mommy comb my hair for school without screaming....Yay!

And I let her take pictures....I am very pretty!

December 10

Yeah, um, I checked my list....

and I checked it twice.....

you are.....


December 9

But that's okay, I am too....I really NEED my diet coke, Da....and Santa too!

December 8

Being a smiler-cat!

Sunday, December 07, 2008

December 7

Playing outside in the snow before it got too cold and I had to come in.
This was my consolation prize for having to miss my friend Liam's party.

December 5

Here I am playing with my raincoat and Daddy and his shaving cream...
all while objecting to making a cheese for Mommy (too bright, too bright!)

December 6

Today we went over to Mom's house to decorate her tree and play Legos, even if she hates them. You can kind of see the tree in the background Tammy...

Here we are being silly!

December 4

Here is my pock as it you can see, it got much bigger from where it started.
I also now have one on my arm.


December 3

Lauren hair!
This was one of the few times I actually let Mama touch my hair lately!

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

December 2

Ready for school!

December 1

Do you like my bath beard?

November 30

My chicken pock in its earliest stage. Darn Mommy!
No wait, darn HP Halloween Festival!

November 29

Back home I am in the nest that
I almost immediately created and spent the evening in!

November 28

My cousins and me in our portrait session....don't we look cute!

And here is just Finley and me!

November 27

Happy Thanksgiving

Picture is TBA, again, we need to dig it up from digital hell.

November 26

TBA--we need to dig up the picture

November 23

Happy Birthday Joe! Hope you are enjoying Arizona!

Here I am "helping" my Mommy organize and pack for our trip to North Carolina!

November 25

Here are the three of us girlie-girls (the only candid we have of all of us)
at the children's museum.

November 24

Check out my road provisions!

Bwooo ha ha ha ha ha!