Friday, November 21, 2008

November 21

Happy Birthday Auntie Kristy!

November 20

Here I am making sure my baby is not cold

November 19

Hanging out in my playhouse eating a pancake roll.
Sorry Nan, wish you were here to share it with me!

November 18

And right back to being a silly-butt! But I had to skip my play date with Brody. Boo!

Check out my doggie shirt. I really wanted to wear it today.
You can kind-of see it, but I am also sitting in the cat bed too!

November 17

Carrying my baby in the car

November 16

I was puking today, but I still found time to make a cheese for Mommy, sort-of.

November 15

Me and my movie-watching setup....current title: The Muppet Movie
I got very interested in The Muppets from Lauren's movie fundraiser last night.

November 14

I don't wanna go to school...but here's my pony with a butterfly clippie in it

November 13

And the green suit (among other items) passes to me!
I am the third child (of two genders) to wear it.
Thanks Boppy and Mom!

November 12

And......the cold weather is back. Ugh. Sigh.

November 11

It's blurry, but here I am drinking my slurpee.

November 10

Working on a masterpiece

November 9

Happy Birthday Auntie Regina!!!!

I know you think you're old, but you are only a spring chicken at 25!

November 8

Just hanging out on the couch.

November 7

And hello to you there!

November 6

Eating some popcorn

November 5

Yay for President Obama!

Or should I say President Ola?

November 4

Today I was so excited to go out and "gote" for "Ola"

As I like to say, My Mama is for Obama!

It was such a warm and lovely day, too! Almost 80 outside...
that never, and I mean never happens in Chicago in November.

November 3

Baa ram yu!

November 2

Snuggling with my C-C (that's short for Clarence Cat!)

I like to use him for a pillow!

November 1

Today I behaved so poorly after eating too much of my candy that Mommy and Daddy made me stay home from a post-Halloween dress-up party. Boo-hoo!

October 31

Happy Howl-O-Ween!

October 30

Today we went to the Halloween Festival in Highland Park (my cousins' town), where I also got to see my friend Grace! Here we are riding the can also see my horsie costume!

October 28

This is the best smiler-cat picture Daddy could get on his camera!

October 27


October 26

Um, how else would you recommend that I eat my waffles?!

October 25

Laying down in my playhouse...I can almost fit!