Tuesday, June 30, 2009

June 30

As I like to tell my Mommy and Daddy, "I'm a Maker!"

Thank for the great costume, Tammy! I still love it!

June 29

Here I am right before bedtime with Baby Jason

June 28

Swimming with my cousins is lots of fun!

June 27

Happy Birthday Uncle Larry!

Today I went to Lauren and Teddy's baseball games....
we had lots of fun!

Here I am with Grandpe

And here I am playing baseball with Teddy and Mom

And here we are having cake for Uncle Larry!

June 26

Today, I took Clarence outside to play....he went down my slide!

And he rode in my car with me

And finally, I got him in the garden....but then he ran inside!

June 25

Today I wore my cherry dress...yay!

June 24

Today I asked my Mama a question when I was done brushing my hair.....

(hi Tammy! we miss you but we hope you're having fun at home!)

June 23

Cranky and overtired today....

June 22

Being silly in my dolly bed!

June 21

Happy Father's Day!!!!!

To celebrate, first we went to mass with Grandpe.

Later on, Mama, Daddy, and I all went to play at Glowputt Indoor Minigolf,
where I practiced my shortgame!

And all day long I sang a special song for my Daddy and all my Grandpas!

June 20

Today my baby carrier arrived in the mail....
of course I had to try it with my silver dancing shoes!

June 19

Just hanging out and being my smiley little self

Friday, June 19, 2009

June 18 addendum

oops, I missed one!

June 18

Here are my 3 year old portraits!
(taken a month or so late....oops!)

Thank you for the peonies, Boppy!

June 17

I love my "Lauren and Teddy" shirt

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

June 16

Today I needed both my dancing shoes AND a dress that flys!

June 15

Ice cream anyone?

I've got a baby cone right here!

And here I am doing tippy tumbles all over the lawn!

June 14

Today I wore 'the' pink bathing suit....
the one Boppy gave me last summer that first got me into polka dots!

It's my favorite and I wouldn't take it off all day!!

Thanks again Boppy!

June 13

Eating a pancake roll with my babies!

Friday, June 12, 2009

June 12

Today was Zaria's birthday, so I got to dress up and bring cupcakes!

I even let Mommy give me two pigtails!

June 11

I was happy to wear all my rain gear to school today, but Mama thinks that it's stinky that it was not only pouring in the morning, but it was also only about 55-60 outside all day!

Later on, after school, I had a tea party with all my babies at my new yellow table!

I served strawberries!

Here I am holding Baby Mary-Tammy



Hi Tammy!

June 10

Here I am with my new baby table and chair set, at which you can see Baby Mom (on the right) and Baby Red Cardinal (on the left)
Baby Mom and the table set came from my favorite store, the Salvation Army, natch!

June 9


More pictures to come on the 'bigger' blog....

June 8

Today was an odd day...the weather just could not make up its mind...foggy, muggy, rainy, cold, hot, rainy, and finally cold again....we had it all!
But at least I got to play at the park for a little while!

June 7

Here I am in my cute new Lemon PJs!