Thursday, August 20, 2009

August 19

This was my reply when Mommy told me to pick up my toys....

August 18

Here I am doing a sand angel at the beach!

August 17

Today I wore my 'Dorothy' dress....

August 16

I'm a maker!

August 15

Check out my Topsy-turvy tomatoes...yum!

August 14

Some pictures from our last day in Door County....

This shot shows was how I was sleeping in the bed with Lauren....
...note that I am cuddled, I mean, shoved close to Lauren

Here I was pretending to brush my teeth!

Waking up with Lauren!

A final beachwalk

August 13

This was in the meadow at The Farm

Later on I saw two goats doing something strange.....

So I did something about it!

August 12

On this day we went to what Lauren calls the "cave park," where we went on a hike

It's right on the lake!

I enjoyed throwing extra-large stones in the water....instead of smaller skipping stones!

This was my "before" pile....

And this was my "after"
No, just kidding....this was in another spot!

August 11

In Fish Creek watching the fish boil!

Here I am being silly with my cousins by the pig statue......
....note Skunky in Teddy's arms. He mysteriously disappeared shortly thereafter.....

I really liked this wolf, though!

August 10

More Door County fun.....

Here we are playing with 'Cheesecakes,' my favorite goat at The Farm

He liked to drink lots of milk

And he liked to chase me around, too!

He had the funniest little bleat!

And later on we went to the sunset in Fish Creek

August 9

Here I am with Teddy at the ice cream park in Door County

August 8

Here I am at T-ball with Brody!

August 7

At the the beach!

August 6


August 5

I looooove my yogurt!

August 4

Being a smiler-cat!

August 3

Still making a mess!

August 2

Just making a big ol' mess

August 1

T-ball action shot!