Wednesday, September 30, 2009

September 30

Today I felt under the weather so I stayed home and cuddled a lot.

Daddy cuddled with me too.

September 29

I wore my dancing dress today...whee!

September 28

Today was Yom Kippur, so I danced with Teddy (It was raining)

Lauren did too!

It was a reprise of our spontaneous dance of the other night ago....

September 27

More pictures from Door County

I held a kitten at The Farm

I also milked a goat

Teddy also pet a goat...with a paper bag!

September 26

Some pictures from our visit to Door County

September 25

We went to Door County today....the first thing we did was go to The Farm!

I wore my Dorothy dress, naturally!

We fed a cow!

September 24

Still not in a mood for pictures....

September 23

No pictures today!

But Delmar decided to sit in Daddy's backpack!

September 22

Tonight we went to Grandpe's house to pick up the red car,
so I cooked up some food for him.

September 21


Meet Solly, my neighborhood cat
(I named my mountain lion after him!)

And here is a video of me too!

September 20

Meet Solly, my mountain lion (thank you Tammy!)

September 19

Today I played 'Sorry' with my aunt and my cousins

September 18


September 17


September 16


September 15


September 14

Sitting on the front porch on a sunny day

September 13

Here I am in the car with Mommy!

September 12

Today I took a walk in my new red shoes!

September 11

Today I wore my witch hat on a walk with Mommy
(I was rather cranky)

September 10

Here I am with my backpack!

September 9

Today Mama and I went to the park after school
(my eye got much better with antibiotics)

September 8

Today was my first day of Montessori school

I wore my hair in a ponytail....

....and a red dress and my red sparkle shoes.

I was so cute!

Here I am with Daddy waiting to go in!

And here I am afterward with my note from my teacher!

September 7

This is where I got bit right under my eye by a mosquito... got all swollen and we had to go to the doctor.

September 6

This is the 'dragging game' I play with my Daddy!

September 5

Here I am visiting with JD....

....and here I am with Tammy!

September 4

I decided to play with some statues today!