Tuesday, August 03, 2010

December 2009

December was an icy-cold month for us here in Chicago.....brrr!!

On St. Nicholas Day (December 6), I put my stocking on my head!

I had a perfect trip to the dentist, resulting in three (count 'em!) balloons!

Me and my Daddy!

Then it snowed, and I got to do some shoveling!

I decorated a gingerbread house with Lauren, Teddy, and Lauren's friend Paula

I also made some cookies....

for my Daddy!
(unfortunately the frosting had almond in it and he got a migraine.)

On a super-icy day, we rang bells for the Salvation Army outside a Walmart.

Never doubt the power of women and children! We got lots of donations!

Here is a picture of my best cat Clarence (I know, not a very good one)
He was finally thin enough to clean himself, um, 'down there'....unfortunately, that was not a good sign for him. He got sick (unrelated to the thinness) and sadly, he died a couple of months later, and now he lives in the rainbows.

Another trip to the Museum of Science and Industry

And then there was Christmas!!!

Here are some pictures from Wigilia at Mom's house:

And then Santa came by my house the next day!

I really had a grand time with my hat and my 'Annie' dress!

And here is a picture of me on my low-key New Year's Eve.
It was a nice, quiet end to the year.

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